07 May 2019

written by: Ruud Esmeijer


Berlin is more a part of the world than a city.

– Jean Paul, writer, 1800

Having only just recovered from the banging Coffee Festivals we had back-to-back in March, World of Coffee is already right around the corner. It’ll be June before we know it and we’re currently pulling all the strings to make another great contribution to this already ginormous show, hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association. Don’t miss out!

Take a look at the quote and let it sink in for a moment. If you ask us, truer words have never been spoken about that awesome city. With World Of Coffee sweeping the streets when spring slowly moves into the summer season, we hear Berlin calling. The Dutch Coffee Pack will be showcasing at booth A1, right next to the roaster’s village. So what can you guys expect from us?

As you’re wont to expect from us, the Dutch Coffee Pack Brew Bar will be back in full swing in Berlin. We’ve got some exciting coffee roasters brewing for you on the spot, serving the best brews in the world, while showcasing their packaging. Keep a close eye on our Instagram page for the schedule and names of the pack members present.

Stop to smell the roses at the DCP booth

As everybody knows, this is the only Earth we’ve got and we need to take care of it. Therefore since January we’ve introduced carbon-neutral coffee bags. By investing in CO2-emission reducing projects in coffee producing countries, we neutralize the emissions needed to produce coffee bags. Our stock range is already carbon-neutral, courtesy of DCP, and it’s easily doable for custom projects as well. Ask us for the possibilities, or read more about it here.

Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters’ carbon-neutral 1kg box pouch

We’re super psyched to show you guys a wide range of customized coffee pouches, young and old, designed by our valued pack members and produced to perfection by yours truly. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to get your own new bags project going, stop by at booth A1 and we’re happy to help. Of course if you just want to gape at the awesome designs, you’re also more than welcome.

Premium custom box pouches for Kontra Coffee

Of course, we’ll never forget about the young wolves in the pack. Over the past year we’ve constantly updated our stock range. Cutting away what we don’t believe in anymore, adding what you want to see and – most importantly – introducing what you didn’t even know you needed. For instance, our unique K-seal bags have gotten big brothers in the form of insanely awesome paper-feel quadroseal bags to match your line perfectly, as well as a little white 100g K-seal cub. Check them out at our booth.
If time is on our side, we can even showcase our next exciting bag range. We’re super stoked about these puppies and hope to present them. More news on that later!

Brand new carbon-neutral coffee bags from stock

Last year we introduced our one-of-a-kind hot stamping service and we’ve been stamping away ever since. More and more pack members are happy with this way of customizing coffee bags in low quantities. The wide choice in colours and unique bags from our stock assortment make for a really special combination that pleases the eye. We’ll be displaying plenty of bags at the show and we’ll be happy to go over the options and opportunities.

Join the hot stamp movement 😉

Look at us, rambling away. We could go on and on, but in fact the message is pretty straight-forward; see you in Berlin!