The Cookstove Project

In two of the leading specialty coffee producing countries, Kenya and Ethiopia, most people still cook on open fire. Not only is this massively polluting, it’s also a major health hazard. That’s why Dutch Coffee Pack opts to invest in projects supplying clean cookstoves. Fuel-efficient cookstoves solve a range of problems in one fell swoop, while also benefiting the local communities by creating jobs in the region. Check out our reasons below.

fighting poverty and the greenhouse effect
Up to a quarter of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are generated by poor communities in developing countries, simply trying to survive. A single fuel efficient cookstove can save nearly three tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, and cut fuel bills for households by over a third. This way the poorest communities save money to invest in education of their children, and time to invest in farming and other vital needs.

fighting indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is a major contributor to lower respiratory disease and pneumonia. These diseases are the leading cause of mortality in children under 5 years old. The effects of indoor cooking on open fire lead to the death of 4 million women and children annually.
Clean cookstoves reduce the toxic emissions from open fire cooking by up to 70%, significantly reducing all health hazards, from coughing, burning and itchy eyes to lower respiratory disease and pneumonia.

Indoor air pollution is a major health hazard

fighting biodiversity loss
Deforestation in developing countries is increasing at an alarming rate. Over one third of the earths inhabitants still cook over an open fire, fueled by wood or charcoal. If we don’t change this, the future is bleak.
Cookstoves reduce wood consumption by 40 to 60%, contributing heavily to preserving forest coverage and saving some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world.

fighting gender inequality
The projects we invest in, focus on hiring and training women in the workforce and address issues that promote the advancement of women. Cookstoves empower them, by creating financial and time savings that can be repurposed in ways that serve their and their family’s interests.
Women and young girls generally spend four or more hours per day collecting wood. More often than not, this keeps young girls from attending school and women from other income-generating activities that benefit their independence.