• CO2 neutral K-seal coffee bags

    With pride we present in collaboration with Climate Neutral Group our new CO2 neutral K-seal coffee bags. CO2 neutral means that the CO2 emissions released by producing the K-seal packaging are compensated by one of the carefully selected climate projects of Climate Neutral Group. These climate projects will take place in coffee producing countries. Like Tanzania, where Dutch Coffee Pack will contribute to biogas projects. By investing in these climate projects, we reduce the CO2 emissions and we compensate the emissions that are made by the production of the K-seal bags. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, it also offers opportunities for the local people, such as knowledge transfer, environmental improvement and stimulation of the local economy. Click here for more information about the biogas project.

  • Dutch Coffee Pack present on World of Coffee Budapest

    Dutch Coffee Pack will be present on the World of Coffee. This year the events will take place in Budapest Hungary. Arthur and Matthijs will be present at this fair and will be gladly to inform you about the latest packages and latest trends.

    See you in Budapest!

  • Get in the Christmas mood with Solberg & Hansen

    Get in the Christmas mood with the new Solberg & Hansen Jule Kaffe and Jule Tea bags. Lovely designs, and a good cause. For Christmas 2016 Solberg & Hansen choose for an aluminum free box pouches in a wide shape. Perfect display on any shelve with lots of facing.


  • Packaging Item Keen Coffee by Sprudge

    Our good friends from Keen Coffee noticed by the site of Sprudge! Click here to read the article


  • Factors to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

    Roasters, choosing the best packaging for your coffee is about a lot more than just an attractive design – although that’s important too. Your packaging is what keeps your coffee fresh for longer, meaning it has a direct impact on the taste of those beans you’re selling. It’s also what you have to work with every single day. And it’s what your customer will picture when they hear your name. So that means you really want to get it right. Of course, there isn’t one right type of packaging – it all depends on things such as the scale of your business, your filling processes, and what you customers are like.

    Click here for more information about you need to consider when selecting your consumer packaging .


  • Dutch Coffee Pack at the World of Coffee Dublin

    Dublin was a blast, and not just the Irish soccer match. Thanks to everybody that came out to our stand to talk about packaging, or to have a nice coffee at our brothers from Keen CoffeeSo many new faces, familiar relations and good opportunities. We now know your latest wishes, and we’ll keep on improving to be more awesome next year. Budapest, right? Igyunk egyet!


  • Dutch Coffee Pack at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival

    ACF website1

    Visit Dutch Coffee Pack at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. Meet us, check out our newest pouches and get informed about the hottest trends in coffee packaging.

    PS we are in the same booth with our friends of Black Rebel.

  • Coolness

    Black Rebel starts rocking from march 2016 featuring the coolest slow roasted specialty coffees you can get: from Galapagos Islands to Hawaii, from Australia to Mount Everest. Check out the new Black Rebel coffee box. Special packaging for special coffee.


  • The new look of Man Met Bril Coffee

    The Rotterdam-Holland based Man Met Bril Coffee (click here for website) has started with supplying their coffee in a new pouch. This pouch which is new in the Dutch Coffee Pack “Stock Pouches” range is 100% recyclable with plastic waste. Same time these pouches can be used in the bag-in-box concept. Stock Pouches can be supplied from 1000 pcs and can be delivered to your door within 1/2 working days. For more info about the Dutch Coffee Pack Stock Pouches click here.

    Man Met Bril

  • Dutch Coffee Pack wins New Product of the Show Award at World of Coffee

    Good news from Gothenburg! Dutch Coffee Pack wins New Product of the Show Award at World of Coffee in the ‘Best New Packaging Solution’. The Awards are the definitive guide to the hottest new products and services at World of Coffee and shine a spotlight on the most exciting new innovations to enter the market over the last 12 months. The jury said: ‘This package is innovative and recyclable, offering an eco-friendly solution at a competitive price point. The front zip provides flexibility and the flat bottom offers ease of use.’

    Boot New Product Of The Show Awards

  • Blommers Coffee Roasters opts for eco-friendly coffee pouches

    “Not only the production process is important, also they way we pack the coffee has to be alingned with our vision: as eco-friendly as possible. And this way of working must not conflict with the quality of our coffee. We spent a lot of time in finding the right way to pack our coffee. We are happy to announce we found the a coffee pouch which keeps our coffee beans perfectly fresh and is 100% recyclable! Our packaging is being produced by Dutch Coffee Pack, a company which is a well-known in the coffee industry”.

    Blommers Coffee Nijmegen – The Netherlands


  • Amsterdam Coffee Festival

    Dutch Coffee Pack was proud to introduce two new custom made coffee packs for Boot Koffie and Single Estate at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. Both box pouches are executed in eco-friendly material. Check here the website of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival.

    Amsterdam Coffee Festival

  • Dutch Pack attends World Of Coffee in Gothenburg

    We look back at a very successful coffee year and enjoyed being present at Europe’s biggest coffee event in Rimini-Italy last year. Therefore we will also be present at the World of Coffee in Gothenburg in 2015. Arthur and Matthijs will be in our booth and they look forward meeting you!

    WOC foto

  • Tim Wendelboe opts for 100% recyclable coffee pouch

    “Together with our customers we are constantly looking for the best packaging solutions, both in terms of visibility of the product on shelf, logistic efficiency, conservation and environmental sustainability”. Tim Wendelboe, a name of quality in the world of coffee, was looking for a 100% recyclable coffee pouch which would guarentee the freshness of their high quality roasted coffee beans. They have chosen a Dutch Pack doypack and we are proud to note that Tim Wendelboe is highly satisfied.

    On their website they state the following: ”We are pleased to announce that our 250g bags are now 100% recyclable. The old bags (and most sealable coffee bags) have a metalized layer to create a better barrier against oxidizing. This made it impossible to recycle the bag with other plastic packing material. We have spent over a year finding a bag that is suitable for recycling and has a barrier that is good enough to keep the coffee fresh. Since we operate with 3-4 weeks shelf life of our coffee after roasting date, the plastic pouches provided by Dutch Coffee Pack are perfect for our use”. 

    Tim Wendelboe