Quadroseal Coffee Bags

“Why Quadroseal Coffee Bags?”

The quadroseal coffee bag is a traditional sidefold bag with sealed corners. This simple bag is most commonly used for packaging 1 kg of coffee or more. Due to its square appearance, this coffee pack looks great on the shelf with a smaller variant of our box pouch. Just like the sidefold bag, the quadroseal is also available in a smaller model, e.g. in conjunction with a coffee box.

The quadroseal coffee bags have seals on every corner of the bag and therefore stands perfectly upright. Because of the large, square shaped face, your logo and design are exceptionally visible.

See our references for inspiration.

  • 100% plastic with a high oxygen barrier (can be collected with plastic waste)
  • Optionally CO2-Neutral
  • Matte, shiny or paper material (or a combination)
  • Up to 10 different colours for printing, including metallic and neon
  • Various options such as a coffee valve and tear notch