Sidefold Coffee Bags

“Why Sidefold Coffee Bags?”

The traditional sidefold coffee bag is most commonly used for packaging 1 kg of coffee or more. That makes these relatively cheap coffee bags exceptionally well suited for the hospitality industry or as wholesale coffee packaging. Of course, the side-fold bag is also available in a smaller model. We like hiding the seal neatly away in the corner rather than leaving it exposed at the back-centre of the package.

See our references for inspiration.

  • 100% plastic with a high oxygen barrier (can be collected with plastic waste)
  • Optionally CO2-Neutral
  • Matte, shiny or paper material (or a combination)
  • Up to 10 different colours for printing, including Pantone, metallic, and neon
  • Various options such as a coffee valve, tearing notch, and window