Hot Stamp

We are finally able to offer small quantities of personalised coffee bags, which can also be delivered quickly!

About the technology:
Hot stamp is a unique printing method which allows us to add your own logo or text to our unprinted coffee bags. This gives you a fully personalised coffee pouch which clearly reflects your own brand. All hot stamps are available in single colour. You can choose from various standard colours, including metallic (for example, silver or gold) or even holographic prints.

How do you order these personalised coffee bags?
You can order them upwards of an order quantity of 3,000 pieces. Once we have produced the messing stamp for your logo, that same stamp can simply be used for future orders.

The messing stamp

What do you have to do to have your own pouch printed?
First of all, choose the coffee bag you want from our standard range of coffee packaging. Then send us a digital copy of the logo or text you would like us to print on the pouches and we will do the rest.

Do you have to wait long in between ordering and delivery?
No, you can assume a delivery time of no more than 2 weeks as from the time we approve the artwork suitable for use!

Interested? Questions? We would be happy to explain all options. Contact us soon!


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