“I need coffee bags now”

No problem! Dutch Coffee Pack provides an extensive assortment of unprinted coffee bags from stock. These can be ordered in individual boxes of roughly 1000 pieces and can be dispatched within 24 hours from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Choose from all the common bag types, dimensions, and materials, but also from coffee bags that no one else offers, such as our new CO2 neutral K-seal stand up pouch.

Personalisation is perfectly possible by using our labels, or by adding your own touch with things like stamps or header cards. Are you looking for a sealer or coffee cups to make your assortment complete? Dutch Coffee Pack is your total supplier for everything involving the packaging of coffee!

A few of the options we offer:

  • 100% plastic with a high oxygen barrier (can be collected with plastic waste)
  • CO2-Neutral
  • From kraft paper to matte black – we even offer trendier colours
  • A coffee valve (front) zipper, and laser scoring for easy opening

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