29 Oct 2018

written by: arthurbek

Stooker: “Together, we brew the best coffee in the world”

That is Stooker Specialty Coffee’s motto. The Stooker men of course know that, as a coffee roaster, they would be nowhere without the help of skilful bean pickers, coffee farmers, importers and, naturally, baristas. Since the summer of 2014, Florian Hessel and Onno van Zanten strive for a better coffee-world. The goal? “To introduce all of the Netherlands to the finest specialty coffees.

Stooker Roasting Company was started after a period in which Onno and Florian worked together in an espresso bar which also roasted coffee and supplied to partners. “The shifting of focus between being a supplier and running the bar led to a loss of quality,” Florian tells us. “We knew then that we wanted to concentrate on one of those two options.”

It became the former, but Stooker goes one step further than the standard coffee roaster. As supplier, they help hospitality entrepreneurs to brew the coffee in the correct manner so that the taste can develop fully. From advising how to manage a coffee bar to machine and barista trainings, Stooker is right in the scene. “In this way, we believe we can reach our goal earlier: to introduce all of the Netherlands to the finest specialty coffees.”

“The entire fire brigade responded”

Stooker is doing well. Late last year, a move was unavoidable. It really was necessary, Florian tells. “Late 2017, the space at the Kastanjeplein in the centre of Amsterdam had become too small. Besides that, roasting coffee emits a quite intense aroma and light coloured smoke can be seen. That was not something all of our neighbours appreciated.” And this is an understatement. “Roasting during 200 days went without a hitch worth mentioning until the last day we were roasting at Kastanjeplein. The entire Amsterdam fire brigade responded because one of the neighbours thought our premises were on fire.”

At the new site at the Westhavenweg in West Amsterdam, the Giesen W15 roaster immediately meets the eye. This is finished entirely in Stooker-blue. A real eye-catcher. Just as the new coffee bags developed by Dutch Coffee Pack with Stooker.
“We have been working since day 1 with our signature-colour. In our new packaging, this had to be seen, of course,” Florian explains. “We have chosen for a clean design. The bags are dipped in indigo as it were. Together with the kilogram bags which will follow soon, we have created a nice set which works well in any setting.”

“Only a link in the chain”

Stooker has consciously chosen for 100% plastic box pouch coffee bags, with a “paper feel” matte varnish. “The quality of the packaging must match with the quality of the coffee it contains. The “look”, but also literally the “feel” has to be right. The shape is sturdy and remains upright.”

Besides the colour and the quality, Stooker has spent a lot of time on the text on the rear. “Since day one, we have been fully aware that we are just one link in the chain. We give the due credits to those who deserve them. We communicate a great deal about specific farmers, washing stations or importers with whom we work. The packaging was an ideal medium to be able to tell more about that.”

Rear text – click to enlarge

“Thanks to Dutch Coffee Pack, we could still see the forest through the trees”

The transition from the former supplier to Dutch Coffee Pack went seamlessly. “We have known DCP for years from the coffee exhibitions like Amsterdam Coffee Festival and World of Coffee, and we realised quite quickly that we wanted to make our new coffee bags with them. DCP uses nicer materials and possibilities, smarter solutions and especially much knowledge and experience.”

In particular, the swift and clear communication proved to be an advantage. “DCP led the way in all the trade jargon in the packaging industry and could advise us well based on our wishes,” Florian explains. “The product is fabulous, that is, of course, the most important which is why we chose them. But if the communication had not gone well, we would not have chosen them the next time. Thanks to Dutch Coffee Pack, we could still see the forest through the trees”

The reactions to the new house style are enthusiastic and positive, according to the men. “Really everyone finds them fantastic! We were a little worried that people would be disappointed that we would not continue with the coffee bags which we supplied temporarily until the new ones were ready.”
These were white box pouches without a print which Dutch Coffee Pack delivers from stock. But Stooker would not be Stooker if we didn’t do something special with them.
“We personalised them ourselves by splashing them with Stooker-blue paint. Luckily, everyone sees the new bags as a real upgrade.”


Have you become interested in Stooker and their new coffee packaging? Order them at www.stookerspecialtycoffee.com.
You can also find the coffee bags at bars such as Naked Espresso, Good Beans, Back to Black, Selma’s and Roootin’.